Artisanal creamery

Ice cream stand

Ice cream and marineau berries: a delicious combination



Our famous ice cream stand opened in 2021 on Boulevard Dagenais, much to the delight of our customers. Roxanne and Matis Marineau, the fifth generation of our family, had been dreaming of it for a long time! We already had our playground, our strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in the fields, and a cheerful country atmosphere; all that was missing was artisanal ice cream and other frozen delights. Stopping at nothing to make their project a reality, our two young entrepreneurs chose to invest in Italian-made equipment and pledged to use only simple ingredients in their recipes. After months of research and development—and of course, many taste tests— they created a menu all their own that includes slushes, soft ice creams, gelatos, sundaes, floats and affogato. We hope you’ll have the chance to come and enjoy our delicious treats!

Sundae and strawberry soft cream Front of the creamery

Tasty frozen treats and simple ingredients

Authenticity and simplicity are two words that perfectly describe all of our frozen treats made with top-quality natural ingredients. Milk, cream, Marineau berries, just the right amount of sugar, Tahitian vanilla, Belgian chocolate, plain or waffle cones, maple syrup, maple chips and good coffee… nothing more. Well…we might add a few optional sweet sprinkles, but our smallest customers have certain requirements that we’re happy to fulfil.

Child on a swing with an ice cream cone

Homemade ice cream to please all palates

Whether you’re a fan of soft or hard ice cream, you’re sure to find something you like at our stand.

Artisanal soft ice cream

Our soft ice cream is available in the basic flavours of vanilla, twist or Marineau fruit of the moment. However, for the more discerning types, different options can be added as well. Belgian chocolate dip, maple syrup coulis, chocolate or maple chips and even waffle cones are also an option.


Homemade in the purest Italian tradition, our gelatos are absolutely irresistible. From vanilla, chocolate and maple to Marineau strawberries or blueberries, you have plenty of choice and even the option to add a few extras.

Refreshing slushes for hot days (vegan)

The pure and true taste of a good frozen berry is what you’ll get when you choose a Marineau strawberry or blueberry slush. Imagine the pleasure of quenching your thirst in our inviting playground area after an afternoon of picking fruit under the blazing sun. Happiness is all around you and you can truly savour the moment. It’s also a great option if you avoid dairy or if you’re looking for a vegan product.

Marineau sundaes, for those who enjoy elaborate treats

Marineau homemade sundaes are for those who prefer to enjoy their soft ice cream in a cup and definitely with a topping, or simply for those who are more inclined to share with their children or their significant other.

Sundaes made to order

For those who really like options, we have a few for you. Choose from our three flavours of soft ice cream, four options of coulis (Marineau strawberry or blueberry, hot fudge or maple syrup) and the choice of adding maple or chocolate chips.

The Royal Sundae

Let’s face it, the Royal Sundae is totally and undeniably indulgent: a combination of gelato, soft ice cream, coulis and toppings prepared according to the seasonal berry of the moment and the creator’s fancy.

Floats for those who like the best of both worlds

Can’t decide between slush and soft ice cream? Why choose when you can have both. A Marineau strawberry or blueberry slush topped with the soft ice cream of your choice. What could beat that?

Affogato here, affogato there...

Is coffee a pleasure you can’t go without? The affogato will be your new favourite. A tasty Nespresso espresso topped with homemade Tahitian vanilla ice cream…pure heaven.

Ice cream shortcake Sundaes Chick next to a strawberry slush Affogato

So, did we make you want to come visit us?