U-Pick pumpkins

Opening around mid-September

U-Pick pumpkins at ferme marineau: a magical experience!

When you pick your own pumpkins at Ferme Marineau, your immerse yourself in a magical world where everything has been designed for you to enjoy a wonderful adventure and take unforgettable photos! In early September, when the fall colours begin to appear, imagine yourself in the middle of a huge pumpkin patch with more than 15 varieties, thousands of beautiful fruits with various shades within reach, straw loungers that invite you to relax, giant games that let you enjoy simple pleasures and Mamie Citrouille’s house that echoes with the joyful shouts of young and young-at-heart. A perfect day where, along with picking the pumpkin of your fancy, you can take full advantage of our enchanting site.

During your visit, take the opportunity to:

  • Discover our new Café Marineau and try delicious paninis, sandwiches, our famous sangria, beers, mocktails, etc. (Reserved for people taking part in fields activities – please validate opening hours on our social medias)
  • Have a picnic
  • Enjoy a frozen treat at our ice cream stand while watching the kids have fun in our farm-themed playground
  • Meet our goats
  • Try our famous corn maze
  • Pass by our farmer’s market to stock up on fresh produce.

Fun for everyone and for all tastes!

How does pumpkin picking work at ferme marineau?

  1. Where do I go when I arrive, when is it open & how much does it cost?

    From the parking lot on Boulevard Dagenais, follow the signs to the U-pick tent. You don’t have to pick pumpkins, but you’ll still have to pay the cost of admission to the fields. Any pumpkin picked is extra. Please note that credit and debit cards, as well as cash are accepted.

    All our prices give you access to the entire site, including the maze with puzzle games, giant games, live music shows, photo stations, playground, petting zoo, picnic areas and fields.



    PRICES FOR FIELD ACCESS (Includes all our activities / pumpkin is extra*)

    Admission for children aged from birth to 2:
    Admission for children aged 3 to 17:
    Adult admission:



  2. Are the pumpkin fields very far away?

    To make pumpkin picking and carrying easier, we provide wheelbarrows, and the fields are located near the entrance. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go to pick them. Of course, you can bring your stroller or cart, preferably with big wheels.

  3. Is it possible to have a picnic?

    Absolutely! And we encourage you to do so. There are several picnic areas in the field and the playground area, and of course you can bring your own blankets.

    Didn’t bring any snacks? There are several options available :

    Discover our new Café Marineau and try paninis, sandwiches, mocktails, beers and its famous sangria (This Café is reserved for people taking part in fields activities (please validate on our social media that it is open during your visit).

    Otherwise, Take a detour to our farmer’s market; you’re sure to find something you like.

    Looking for something sweet or something to quench your thirst? Our artisanal ice cream stand is a must with its unique delicacies made from the fruits of our fields.

  4. Does the farm still operate when it rains?

    Rain does not necessarily mean we close. We invite you to visit our social media (Facebook, Instagram) to check or to contact us.

Family holding pumpkins

How to choose and maximize the preservation of your pumpkin

Choose a pumpkin that is firm and undamaged. Once pierced, the pumpkin will not keep as long. If you keep it outside, avoid leaving it in the sun or rain.

In addition, the Internet is full of delicious sweet and savoury recipes for your harvest, so don’t hesitate to try them! You can also dry the seeds and freeze the flesh.

We can’t wait to welcome you this fall for u-pick pumpkins!